Gro partners with University of British Columbia study and Institute of Personalized Nutrition on research study

11th December 2019

An international study in partnership with the University of British Columbia and Institute of Personalized Nutrition will look at the feasibility of using Gro to deliver personalized nutrition to patients across Canada.

The study, led by Professor Jonathan Little, will assess the use of the Gro app on a number of parameters and will collect physician and patient data throughout the course of the study.

Sean McKelvey, Founder Institute of Personalized Nutrition, comments: "I’m excited to scale therapeutic nutrition across Canada. Data is key, and we’re collecting data to demonstrate just how effective nutrition can be in placing conditions like type 2 diabetes into remission."

Charlotte Summers, Co-Founder and COO of Gro, comments: "We are excited to see the impact of Gro on the health of patients with type 2 diabetes in British Columbia and other provinces in Canada. The app provides hope for a condition once considered to be chronic and progressive, and we've seen support from partners across Canada."